Buying a Condo in Vancouver


Vancouver is the third most populous city in Canada, but arguably the most beautiful.

Although Vancouver is one of most expensive cities in the world, it still offers affordable housing options in certain areas.

Especially if you buy a condo!

Considering that the average home price was around $1,000,000, many people have turned to condo market as a more affordable housing option.

One of the reasons for the expensive housing market is a result of the powerful economic growth the region has seen over the years.

According to Business Vancouver, the unemployment in British Columbia was an only 5.8%, which also has a 3.2% economic growth rate for 2016.

Infrastructure is also one of the best in Canada. Anyone who knows Vancouver is aware of the modern buildings and beautiful parks.

There are also many options for outdoor activities such as golf, skiing, sailing, cycling, tennis, and hiking.



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