Buying a Condo in Calgary


Calgary is Alberta's most populous city with a population of 1.2 million. Although this city is situated on land that's 1 kilometer above sea level, the climate is dry and sunny.

Nonetheless, Calgary is just three hours away from the US border, as well as the majestic Rocky Mountains.

According to Yaast, Calgary is the world's cleanest city, and for good reasons. Did you know that pets are prohibited from roaming freely in Calgary?

This is to ensure that the environment is free from animal waste. Calgary even claims that it is one of the only cities in the world that is rat-free.

Thanks primarily to the oil industry, Calgary has a big economy. In fact, it's one of the wealthiest cities in Canada.

Calgary has the highest salary rate in Canada, and one of the lowest tax rates. What’s not to like?

Calgary also offers beautiful greenspaces with 700 kilometers of pathway systems, breathtaking golf courses, and over 600 lakes in the surrounding area.

This is in addition to the around 500 parks and wildlife reserves.

And if that wasn’t enough, you always have the Rocky Mountains.


Carlisle group

Carlisle focus is on developing low-rise condominiums that cater to the entry-level market. They offer high quality condos at competitive pricing. They work hard to maintain their position in the marketplace as a cost-efficient multi-family builder, thus enabling them to pass on the savings to customers. With Carlisle, you can count of masterfully finished condos, in desirable locations that meets the criteria for a lifestyle community. 


Avi urban

Founded in 2000, Avi's vision is to design and build modern condominiums that blend innovative design with high quality finishes, yet at an affordable price. With decades of experience, the company has a reputation when it comes to providing high quality condos. The team constantly pushes the bar higher in providing innovative, functional and beautiful condos.


trico homes

The Trico Group was founded in June 1992 by Wayne Chiu, an engineer educated in both Winnipeg and Hong Kong. For over 20 years, Trico Homes has continued to develop award winning condos in Calgary and surrounding communities. With over 8,900+ of finished homes, Trico has established itself as a premier builder of innovative homes with a solid reputation for integrity, quality craftsmanship and customer service.